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Brake Cylinder Apr 08, 2017

 Brake cylinder is an indispensable part of the brake system, its main role is the top brake pads, brake pads friction brake drum, so that speed and static.

After the brake, the master cylinder generates a thrust force to the hydraulic pressure to the cylinder, and the piston inside the cylinder is moved by the hydraulic pressure to push the brake pad. The oil brake is made up of the brake master cylinder and the brake oil tank. They are attached to the brake pedal, one attached to the brake tubing. Brake cylinder with brake oil, and out of the port and the inlet. When the brakes, the oil outlet is opened, the inlet is closed. At the pressure of the pump piston, the brake tubing is squeezed out of the tubing to the brake cylinder flow for brake function. When the brake plate is released. Brake the main pump in the oil port will be closed, the oil inlet open, so that brake oil from