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How to define pigment, what content is worth investigating? Aug 19, 2017

How to define pigment, what content is worth investigating?

Pigment is a psychophysical quantity, which is related to the visual characteristics of human beings, and also to the objective radiation observed. Color is an important index to evaluate the quality of pigment products.

The expression of pigment can generally be divided into two categories, one is with the three basic properties of pigments that if the pigment color of various objects Munsell system classification and calibration, in this system, H V said the hue, lightness, chroma C, written in HV/C; the other is based on two basic groups the visual data as the foundation, established a set of color representation, measurement and calculation method of CIE standard colorimetric system.

Test Lihua pigment is divided into two categories, one is color comparison method with reference sample or visual instrument test is given; the other is the direct method of the color measurement, or sample number value using the instrument or visual directly gives the amount of pigment.

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